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The American Guns Podcast aims to revolutionize the gun radio world. Ever get sick of listening to some guy talk for two hours every week about what he did at the range or spend 30 minutes straight talking about how he hates .300 AAC Blackout ammo? Yeah, so do I. That’s why my show aims to be different. We bring you a variety of content, and every week is a bit different. One week we might do a court case, the next we might do our signature A Tale of Idiocy. If you are looking for firearm entertainment and want to join a political movement that takes a stand against the moronic gun control fantasies of the political Left, this show is for you.


Matthew Disher

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Latest Episodes

  • #35 - Don't just walk away w/ Brett Grayson
    This week I interview Brett Grayson of Tactical Pay Radio and it's total boss-sauce. Yes I made up that word.   The Podcast: The Company:…
  • #34 - Carry a gun, dummy
    Just do it. 
  • #33 - Libertarians are scary? w/ Remso Martinez
    Remso Martinez joins me for a great discussion on Libertarianism, plus hear a bit about him and his story. Buy his book on Amazon today!
  • #32 - 4th of July Special
    What does it mean to be free?
  • #31 - Gun owners owe anti-gunners money
    The stupidity of the Left continues. Want to find out why we owe anti-gunners millions of dollars?   Also, go to or you suck eggs.…
  • #30 - Credentials don't matter
    Let's talk about the Pulse shooting and also why credentials don't matter in debate. Also, go to
  • #29 - False accusations w/ Paul Lathrop
    The static is GONE and just in time for my interview with Paul Lathrop of the Polite Society Podcast. He has an incredible self defense…
  • #28 - No possible motive for this series of events
    WARNING! The show is very unprofessional this week and it is entirely technical. SO MUCH STATIC. I apologize to all my listeners, and the issue…
  • #27 - Caetano v Massachusetts
    Our third Supreme Court case. It's electrifying. You'll understand how dumb that joke is after you learn about this case. I make no apologies.  …
  • #26 - Just grab a rifle off the rack
    It's our 6th month anniversary of being on the air! Here's to the next 6 months!   There are two things you should never forget:…
  • #25 - Common ground is foolish
    Next week will be #26 which means this show has been around for 6 months! Time really moves.    A secret online chatroom? How convenient…
  • #24 - McDonald v Chicago
    This week I covered our second Supreme Court case. Our last one was a hit, so we will do a few more over time. If…
  • #23 - That's a no from me, dawg
    Does anybody ever really read the descriptions for podcast episodes? I have always wondered that. Luckily there is a way to find out. If you…
  • #22 - AR-15's in the dumpster
    I feel as if there is a better place for those rifles... should we start our own "rifle recycling company" and see if we can…
  • #21 - False attacks on religious liberty
    School dress codes are often a point of contention. But what does that have to do with the gun debate? Listen and find out. Also,…
  • #20 - Two left hooks
    Another shorter episode. A case of the week involving a professional boxer, as well as repealing the Second Amendment. Check out the Self Defense Radio…
  • #19 - March for our... ignorance
    A short episode this week, but a good one. A CRAZY case of the week from Andrew that involves an armed robbery and a high…
  • #18 - D.C. vs Heller
    In this episode we go in-depth with the Supreme Court case D.C. v Heller (2008). What does the 2nd Amendment mean? How do we interpret…
  • #17 - Black people own guns too?? w/ Joel Patrick
    Show Notes   Joel Patrick joins us for an interview about his social media activism and the ways that the Left attacks him for being…
  • #16 - Protection requires work w/ Ryan Michler
    Show Notes   The host and founder of the show ORDER OF MAN Ryan Michler joins me for an interview. We just scratch the surface…
  • #15 - There's a gun in the oven w/ Vic Ferrari
    Show Notes Interview with 20 year NYPD veteran Vic Ferrari who has a never ending supply of hilarious stories. Check out his new book NYPD:…
  • #14 - Taking a miter saw to freedom
    Show Notes In the first segment we bring back A Tale of Idiocy, but with a twist. Then comes the case of the week from…
  • #13 - The place smelled like a pickle jar w/ Bryce Towsley
    Show Notes Segment 1: Interview with Bryce Towsley This was an excellent interview. Bryce and I talked for about an hour after the show about…
  • #12 - Shot in the face, still in the fight
    Weekly NARCs range report and more
  • #11 - No NRA signs in the basement!
    Weekly NARCs Case of the Week and lighting up camels
  • #10 - We've got holes in our souls? w/ Lloyd Bailey
    Weekly NARCS and Part 2 of Christianity and guns
  • #9 - A truckload of gray area w/ Rev. Jonathan Fisk
    How do we understand violence and selfdefense from a Christian worldview Also Weekly NARCs
  • #8 - Due Process is overrated anyway
    Gun education could be the answer to the Left Weekly NARCS and your fatness is deadly my good sir
  • #7 - They should just ban poptarts
    American public schools A Tale of Idiocy and gun clubs
  • #6 - Oh the controversy
    Discussing California and automatic weapons
  • #5 - Paintball guns... a security threat?
    Your antigun friends US military gun rules and carrying two guns
  • #4 - It's Remington's fault that I shot him
    Gun liability A Tale of Idiocy round 2 and self defense
  • #3 - I could make that in my garage
    Homemade firearms are easy state employees are people too and the NRA are terrorists
  • #2 - The things people do for love
    We talk about Australia39s gun control I bring on a special guest for segment 2 and finish it off with a discussion on body armor…
  • #1 - Robbing banks with muzzle-loaders??
    The crazy things they want to ban the assault weapons ban of 2017 and more