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The Out of Order Gun rights podcast is an interview based podcast, hosted by James Kaleda, that highlights the unsung heroes of the the 2nd amendment community. Weekly interviews with pro-gun authors, gun rights activists, firearms trainers, hunters, and those who have used firearms defensively. James is on a mission to find the honest, hard working, gun rights advocates from every state. He interviews the people that shatter the negative media stereotypes of gun owners. The podcast is available on iTunes and pretty much everywhere else.

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Latest Episodes

  • Derek DeBroosse ep 119
    Derek DeBroosse from  Munitions law group
  • Frank Johnson Liberty 1st Foundation
  • David Powell founder of CA against gun control ep 117
    David Powell from Wild Bills Guns Too and co-founder of Calfornians against gun control  We talk CA gun laws, and NV gun law 
  • Sue Mogle Executive Vice President of the Indiana state rifle and pistol association EP116
    Sue Mogle EVP of ISRPA discusses her organization and the upcoming Concealed Carry Fassion Show
  • Jacob Rieper Blogger Gun Politics NY ep 115
    ep 115 of the Out of Order Gun Rights Podcast interview with Jacob Rieper Blogger at GunPoliticsNY.com
  • Episode 114 Bill Chachkes
    Dr Bill Chachkes is the Producer and Lead Host of Firearms Chat Podcast.
  • Prof Walther Block ep 113
    We discuss gun rights and the 2nd amendment with Prof Walter Block
  • Rob Morse Self Defense gun stories ep 112
  • Massad Ayoob ep 111
    Interview with Massad Ayoob author and Firearms Instructor 
  • Valinda Rowe IL Carry ep 110
    Illinois carry is an all volunteer online action and discussion form. I speak with Valinda Rowe Illinois Carry spokesperson. We discuss gun rights activism between…
  • In combat moving is life - Lt Col Grossman ep 109
    In this week’s episode of the out of order gun rights podcast I interview Lt Col. David Grossman. Col Grossman is the author of on…
  • Armed citizens stop active shooters 94% of the time - Riley T Bowman ep 108
    This week’s episode is an interview with Riley Bowman from concealedcarry.com. Riley is the Creator and host of The Concealed Carry Podcast, oversees content production,…
  • “There are walking talking evil movie characters in your neighborhoods and you just don’t realize it.” Kevin Dixie ep 107
    “There are walking talking evil movie characters in your neighborhoods and you just don’t realize it.” Kevin Dixie Interview with Kevin Dixie 2nd amendment advocate and…
  • Angry anarchists, communists, and bernie supporters oh my! Paul Brockman ep 106
    Angry anarchists, communists, and bernie supporters oh my! What do you do when anti-gun politicians pass infringement after infringement despite continuous outrage and objection from…
  • Ep 105 Robert Melvin
    Robert Melvin Board Member of VA shooting sports association
  • Ep 104 Rachel Malone
    Rachel Malone Co-host on the polite society podcast, founder of TX Firearms Freedom, and TX Director of Gun Owners of America
  • Ep 103 Donna Anthony
    Donna Anthony CEO of Point Blank Firearms and Self Defense Training, National training director for the Well Armed Woman
  • Ep 101 Jane Milhans
    Jane Milhans and I discuss I639 show notes at outoforderjameskaleda.com
  • ep 101 Haley Heathman
    Haley Heathman author of "Kill it, clean it, cook it, eat it" special bonus if you order Haley's book through venison.kitchen before Oct 31st you'll…
  • ep 100 Dan Ingram NJ Concealment Furniture
    Dan Ingram Founder of NJ Concealment Furniture
  • ep99 Darin Goens
    Darin Goens NRA state director for NJ, NY, RI, VT
  • Ep 98 Marcus Weldon
    Marcus Weldon author of the Santa Shooter
  • Ep 97 Liz Lazarus
    Liz Lazarus author of Free of Malice and Plea for Justice
  • Ep 96 Yehuda Remer
    Yehuda Remer Author of "10 little Liberals" "ABCs of Guns and "Safety On"
  • Ep 95 Steve Bozich
    Steve Bozich founder of Barearms.com and Armedandsafe.us
  • Ep 94 Doug Ritter
    Doug Ritter Founder Chairman and CEO of Knife rights
  • ep 92 Mary Callison
    Mary Callison board member from Million Moms against gun control
  • Ep 92 Tom Lambert
    Tom Lambert president of MI open carry
  • Ep91 Eddie Fulmer
    Eddie Fulmer from Bamma Carry
  • Ep 90 Rob Pincus
    Rob Pincus Author , Owner, I.C.E. Training Company, and Personal Defense world. Developer of the Combat Focus® Shooting Program. Designer of the Avidity Arms PD10
  • EP 89 Grant Gallagher
    Grant Gallagher founder of ScotShot
  • Ep 88 Murray Sabrin
    Murray Sabrin Libertarian candidate for US Senate in NJ
  • Ep 87 Greg Hopkins
    Greg Hopkins author of a Time to Kill
  • Ep 86 Patricia Harrold
    Patricia Harrold president Nebraska Firearms Owners
  • ep 85 Kevin Jamison
    Kevin Jamison Western Missouri shooters Alliance
  • Ep 84 Andrew Branca
    Andrew Branca author of Law of Self Defense
  • Ep 83 Ryan James
    Ryan James Canadian Cobmat Medic and founder of Life Line Warrior Medicine
  • ep 82 Denton Mclaughlin
    Denton Mclaughlin Concealed Camping 
  • Ep 81 Kirk Yatras
    Kirk Yatras VP Firearms Owners United. you know how the anti-gunners like to say it's only us Americans that like guns ....well turns out there…
  • Ep 79 Tony Bernado
    Tony Bernado Executive Director CSSA
  • EP 77 Michelle Camp
    Michelle Camp State leader Well Armed Woman Utah
  • Ep 78 Aubrey Taylor
    Thank you for tuning into episode 78 of the out of order gun rights podcast today's interview is with Aubrey Taylor. Aubrey is a survivor.…
  • Ep 76 Michael Schwartz
    Michael Schwartz EVP San Diego County gun owners PAC
  • Ep 75 David Hady
    David T Hardy Author, Attorney and 2A advocate
  • ep 74 Jay Factor
    Jay Factor NJ gun smugglers
  • Ep 74 John Annoni
    John Annoni hunter, teacher, author, and founder of Camp Compass
  • Ep 72 Tom Kehoe
    Tom Kehoe Chairman of the Project Appleseed Oversight Committee and owner of Malabar Gun Leather "If you come to an Appleseed event we'll teach you to…
  • Ep 71 Rev Kenn Blanchard
    Rev Kenn Blanchard Pastor,Author, podcast host. He's also a Marine, former federal police officer, and has worked as a firearms trainer for the CIA. 
  • Ep 70 Blair Hagen
    Blair Hagen EVP of National Firearms Association of Canada
  • Ep 69 Dan Wos
    Dan Wos Author of "Good gun bad guy"
  • Ep 68 Amanda Suffecool
    Amanda Suffecool is a pro 2A leader, trainer, and educator. She is the founder of Realize FAC, VP of Targething and co-host of Eye on Target radio In this…
  • Ep 67 Ryan Cleckner
    Ryan Cleckner Attorney. Author. Professor. Executive. Entrepreneur. we discus Mayday safety, long range shooting, firearm safety for kids, Rocket FFL, Hunting in Africa, 6.5 creedmoor…
  • Ep 66 Paul Phillips
    Paul Phillips president of Oregon Gun Owners the oldest gun rights advocacy group in Oregon. Topics include the 2nd amendment Gun owners rights gun control 
  • Ep 65 Laura Carno
    Think teachers should carry firearms to protect students? Well Laura Carno's organization FASTER Colorado is training teachers to do just that. 
  • Ep 64 Brad Wilson
    Interview with Brad Wilson. Professional Poker player, author and podcast host
  • ep 63 Zachary Fort
    Zachary Fort president of New Mexico Shooting Sports Association
  • Ep62 Kimberly Morin
    Interview with Kimberly Morin President of Women's Defense League of NH. The 1st women's firearms rights group to hold a rally. We discuss gun rights,…
  • Ep 61 Len Cottrell
    Len Cottrell Father, Army Veteran, victim of NJ gun control
  • Ep 60 Janalee Tobias
    Interview with Janalee Tobias founder of women against gun control the oldest female gun rights organization in the country
  • Ep 59 Rob Morse
    F.A.S.T.E.R training with Rob Morse
  • Ep 58 Konnie Kouch
    Konnie Kouch women armed and ready Firearms trainer and 2nd amendment activist
  • Ep57 Joshua Prince
    Joshua Prince Chief Counsel Firearms Industry Consulting Group
  • Ep 56 Kim Stolfer Firearms Owners Against Crime
    Kim Stolfer President Firearms Owners Against Crime
  • Ep55 Stephen P. Halbrook
    Stephen P. Halbrook Attorney, Author, 2nd Amendment Advocate
  • Ep 54 Lloyd R. Bailey jr
    Lloyd R. Bailey jr host of the Armed Lutheran podcast
  • Ep 53 Douglas Welborn
    Ep 53 Douglas Welborn VP of the Madison Society an all volunteer 2nd amendment rights group in California
  • Ep 52 Richard Pearson
    Richard Pearson Executive Director ISRA Illinois State Rifle Association Formally a school teacher, now 2nd amendment activist
  • ep 51 Joanna Wilson
    Hunter, shooter, designer, and CO owner of Patriot defense Joanna Wilson and I discuss how her dream of designing products led to the creation of…
  • ep 50 Austin Roberts
    Austin Roberts founder of Gunstreamer.com
  • Ep 49 Marcus Hirschhorn
    Marcus Hirschhorn IDF Sharpshooter, Combat Armorer, and Gunsmith 
  • ep 48 Scott Irwin
    Scott Irwin Psychotherapist, recovering federal agent, and firearms instructor 
  • Ep 47 Eve Kulcsar
    Eve Kulcsar owner of Roka Arms
  • Ep 46 Scott Bach
    Scott Bach Executive director of ANJRPC The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs
  • Ep 45 Anthony Colandro
    Anthony Colandro capitalist marksman and founder of Gun for Hire Radio
  • Marcus Hirschhorn
    2nd part of a 2hr conversation I had with Marcus, when I started this podcast. This episode we talk about optics  
  • Ep 43 John Edeen
    Dr. John Edeen is a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon & Membership Director, Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership
  • Ep42 Julie Loeffler
    Julie Loeffler firearms and self defense instructor and owner of Compass Defense
  • Ep 41 John Willet
    John Willett founder of NJSafe an annual NJ Gun Rights conference. Check out this conference and register early. 
  • EP 40 Sandi Keller
    Sandi Keler owner of Offhand Gear
  • EP Charles Heller
    Charles Heller AZ Citizens Defense League and liberty watch radio 
  • ep 38 Dick Clarck
    Dick Clarck Silencerlawyer.com
  • Ep 37 Riding Shotgun with Charlie
    I was recently a guest on the Youtube show and podcast Riding Shotgun with Charlie and I would like to share that episode with you. 
  • Ep 36 Sam Paredes Gun Owners of CA
    Today's interview is with Sam Paredes Executive director of Gun owners of California
  • Adam Kraut
    Today's interview is with Adam Kraut an attorney at Prince Law, and a frequent guest on the gun collective youtube channel 
  • Ep 34 Eye on Target Radio
    James Kaleda host of the Out of Order Gun Rights podcast appears as a guest on Eye on Target Radio
  • Ep 33 Tony Rockamora
    Tony Rockamora NJ gun owner, libertarian, and host of the Don't waste your hate podcast
  • James Kaleda on the Polite Society podcast
    I was a guest recently on the Polite Society Podcast and I would like to share that episode with you.
  • Ep 31 Richard Smith
    Richard Smith ShotKam rep & Firearms instructor
  • EP 30 Katie Cericola
    Ep30 Katie Cericola host of the Millennial Minute
  • Ep 29 BJ Ray owner of BJ's Gym
    BJ Ray owner of BJ's Gym, competitive shooter and survivor of domestic violence
  • EP28 Jay Factor part3
    Jay Factor firearms law history researcher
  • EP27 Jay Factor part2
    Jay Factor firearms law history researcher
  • Ep 26 Jay Factor part 1
    Jay Factor historical firearms law researcher
  • Ep 25 Andee Reardon
    Andee Reardon, Anti-Slavery actavist, pro 2A, and firearms instructor.
  • ep24 Charlie Cook
    Charlie Cook musician, music teacher, and gun rights podcaster
  • Ep 23 Cyndee Harding
    Cyndee Harding from Cyndee's Concealed Carry Purses
  • EP 21 Megan McGill
    Megan McGill philanthropist and NRA certified firearms instructor.
  • Ep 20 Mia Farinelli
    Mia Farinelli JR Competitive shooter, and DC Project participant
  • Ep20 Weer'd Beard
    Weer'd Beard former anti-gunner turned 2A activist, blogger, and podcast host
  • Ep19 Naomi Moss
    Naomi Moss owner of Greenhorn Outfitters, firearms instructor and hunter ed instructor