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The Polite Society Podcast is a weekly show that examines the news of the firearms industry, has interviews with people in and around the industry who influence gun rights, and examines defensive gun uses. The show is a team effort of some of the most passionate people in the industry and each writer and co-host brings a unique perspective and opinion to the show.

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Susan Lathrop
John Richardson
Rachel Malone
Gary Daugherty
Tracy Becker Thronburg
Belle McCormack
Rob Morse

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Latest Episodes

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    Rob Pincus is interviewed about Save the 2nd and World Suicide Prevention Day.   This is the 1st of 2 special shows that will be…
  • Episode 508
    No Guest this week. San Fran calls the NRA terrorists? We take exception to this and talk about it.   Please keep your email coming!…
  • Episode 507 - Michael Sodini
    On this episode, Michael Sodini is interviewed about Walk the Talk America and mental health around the gun community. As always please keep your feedback…
  • Episode 506 _ David Smith - Parkinson Shooter
    We talk with David Smith - Parkinson Shooter. We also have the usual news, DGUs and listener feedback.