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Coming to you from the North GA mountains Rick Weiss enjoys reloading round just as much if not more than unloading them. Reloading Ragchew seeks to help everyone from the novice to the experienced loader and hopes to mythbust some of the rumors and knowledge floating around the internet. For those of you addicted to the one armed bandit – regardless of Blue, Red or Green paint – this is the place for you.

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Latest Episodes

  • EP22 - Goal!!!
    New Years shooting and reloading goals
  • EP21 - Houston
    Discussing the 1993 article "Secrets of the Houston Warehouse" from Precision Shooting Magazine
  • EP20 - 2018 Gift Guid
    Gift Cards: MidwayUSA – Widest Selection, works for even non-reloaders Midsouth – Great selection of reloading gear RMR Bullets – Great prices on…
  • EP19 - Baby it's cold outside
    After a freezing night, winter has come. How to make sure temperature doesn't affect your reloads
  • EP18 - Used Junk
    Is buying used reloading equipment a good idea? Well yes....and no
  • EP17 - I'm Back!
    Finally back after a bit of drama. So lets talk about order of operations
  • EP16 - Scattergun 101
    A very high level discussion on shotgun reloading - Tools, Components, Process and is it worth it?
  • EP15 - The new load dance
    My method to starting a new load and load development
  • EP14 - Notable Events, Weather and Sports
    Sorry for being gone so long. It's been a whirlwind in my personal life and work. Given everything going on, it's probably prime time for…
  • EP13 - Scaling up
    Another Tuesday morning, another episode. This week a quick discussion on scale choices, there are thousands out there, what is best for you. Scales really…
  • EP12 - Mythbusting
    Start of the tumbled rounds myth and discussions about handloaded ammo for self defense
  • EP11 - Wildcats 101
    Let's dip a toe into the world of wildcat cartridges. The How, Why and more importantly Why Not? A great reference for all reloaders to…
  • EP10 - My dealers
    The big double digits are here. Wanted to make a quick episode to go over my favorite dealers, err places to buy supplies. RMR Bullets…
  • EP9 - KaBoom!!!
    So I had a squib at this last match... Discussing the common causes of destroyed guns and how to prevent them. Really comes down to…
  • EP8 - 10 Things Every Reloader Needs
    10 non-reloading items that should be on your bench. These make life easier and all of them are cheap Canned Air - Dryer Sheets…
  • EP7 - 5.7x You're going to blow your hand off kid
    Discussing the reload-ability and requirements/intricacies of reloading the FN 5.7x28 cartridge
  • EP6 - The most controversial topic, ever
    Discussion about a frequently debated topic in the community - Case cleaning
  • EP5 - Get your head in the right space
    A discussion about what headspacing is and how it affects our reloading in both safety and accuracy Products discussed in this episode Headspace Gauges Hornady…
  • EP4 - Weighty Discussions
    How to get the most from your electronic scale, with a few tips for mechanical types too.
  • EP3 - Do you know how fast you were going?
    A discussion on Chronos - The need for one, new technology, which one is best
  • EP2 - I'm Floored
    Probably the most grounding topic in reloading - Flooring.
  • Episode 1 - Different Strokes
    A quick discussion about the different types of reloaders and how their needs vary widely