Board of Directors Announced

Self Defense Radio Network Chairman Paul Lathrop announced the first three-member Board of Directors for the Network.

“Effective immediately I am going to be bringing aboard an Executive Board to manage day to day operations, make standards for the shows, provide growth for the network and in general move the network forward better than I can alone,” said Lathrop in his official announcement to the Network’s membership.

“I have chosen 3 podcasters that I have worked with well in the past and who are great podcasters in their own right,” said Lathrop, announcing his selection of Amanda Suffecool (Eye on Target Radio), Rob Morse (Self Defense Gun Stories) and Lloyd Bailey (Armed Lutheran Radio).

The Board will relieve Lathrop of the day-to-day management of the Network, and will set standards for membership, review membership applications, create guidelines for future Boards, and make plans for future promotion and growth.

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