The Cast of Armed Lutheran Radio

The issue of guns is a hot debate in America. As a gun owner, host Lloyd Bailey wanted to know how he as a citizen of the Kingdom of the Left (the state) and the Kingdom of the Right (the spirit) should think about gun rights and the use of potentially lethal force in self-defense. As an American, we have rights under the Constitution. As a Christian, we have a higher authority to answer to. Lloyd is a husband and father of two, software developer and wannabe competitive shooter.

Sergeant Bill Silvia is a Master class IDPA shooter and 18-year veteran of the Dallas PD, and each week he brings us tips for improving your shooting in competition in his “Ballistic Minute” segment .

John Bennett serves as Pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church (LCMS) in Willow Creek, Minnesota. Each week in “Clinging to God & Guns” Lloyd and Pr. Bennett take articles that mis-use Scripture to support gun control and apply solid doctrine, facts, and logic to destroy their arguments.

Mia Anstine is a hunting guide, a firearms instructor, a mom, and just the third woman ever to appear on the cover of Field & Stream. She’s also an armed Lutheran. Each week she talks about gun rights, self-defense, and training from a woman’s perspective. She is also co-host (with her daughter Lea) of the “MAC Outdoors with Mia and Lea” podcast.