The Cast of Eye on the Target Radio

With over thirty-three years of firearms experience, Rob Campbell brings his love for recreational and sport shooting to the training and gun discussion table.  He is an NRA Certified Trainer in 8 disciplines (Home Firearms Safety, Personal Protection, Basic and FIRST Step Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun) and all things reloading and is a Certified Range Safety Officer.   Additionally, Rob is an ALICE active shooter response trainer. Robs earliest firearms memory involves handling a Stevens .22 when he was about 4 or 5, and then for his 8th birthday he became the proud owner of a .410 shotgun.  But the love of his young life was a .44 Magnum Marlin rifle that he got when he was 13.  He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with it. His uncles said that it was his aim, and so he practiced and practiced.  Then Rob gave it to them to shoot, that’s when they collectively decided that it must be the gun’s fault.  This practice is evident when you see him in action on the range. Amanda likes to say that Rob learned to read with the Dixie Gun Works Catalog.  And that knowledge is evident.  Callers try to stump Rob and end up in a deep discussion on the history of this or that firearm.  Rob can talk firearms history or ballistics off the top of his head,  you have to see it in action to believe it.

Rob says there can be no better job in the world than this one, where he can talk to people who are interested in firearms and he gets to play with a gun all day.

Amanda Suffecool is a degreed Manufacturing Engineer who has brought her experience in Safety Training to the firearms arena. While Amanda was focusing her career on training, problem solving and operations management, she traveled the US extensively.  This travel put her in cities with no knowledge of the safeness of that area. Given the world situation, her concern for personal safety grew.  Then came the day that she opted for a career change to teach and share with others the topics of  safety, self-confidence, and firearms skills. She says that her earliest firearms memory was one sunny afternoon.  “My Dad took my brothers and I out to the back hill to shoot at the bed of a 49 Chevy pickup truck.  The truck was parked on the side of a big hill, and my uncle was salvaging parts from it.  I guess that Dad must have just gotten a new black powder 36 caliber Colt Navy, and I being 6 or 7 was up for the adventure.  We were told to focus on the back of the truck because Ray still wanted to get the glass from the doors. The boys all took turns shooting at the bed of the truck, and then it was my turn.  Dad gave me the pistol, put both my hands on the grip, stood right behind me so my little shoulders were against him.  He positioned me and told me to shoot at the truck and to hold on tightly.  I held the pistol out, and it felt like it circled round and round, and then I pulled the trigger.  The blast was tremendous (I still remember that after 40 odd years) and I jolted back against Dads legs.  When I opened my eyes I saw that I had shot right through the passenger side window and out the drivers side.  The boys laughed and laughed, so much for salvaging the glass.”