The Hosts of MAC Outdoors

Mia Anstine is a mentor to many. She is a certified firearms and archery instructor as well as hunter education instructor. She strives to preserve our constitutional rights with a focus on freedom of religion and the right to bear arms. She is the first American woman featured on the cover of Field & Stream magazine. In addition to being a podcast host and contributor, she is a freelance writer, vlogger, guest host for various outdoor and hunting shows, plus she’s a hunting guide. She is also a contributor to Armed Lutheran Radio.

Mia’s daughter, Lea Leggitt, is a college student studying journalism and photography. She’s an accomplished shooter, hunter, instructor, and guide. Lea competes in trap and sporting clays and has taken self defense firearms courses. While Lea is busy chasing her goals in the outdoor industry she also follows wildlife, rodeos, and ranch life. Lea’s ultimate goal is to share and encourage people to learn about country life, firearms, hunting and to take to the woods and enjoy it as much as she does.