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The Polite Society Podcast is a weekly show that examines the news of the firearms industry, has interviews with people in and around the industry who influence gun rights, and examines defensive gun uses. The show is a team effort of some of the most passionate people in the industry and each writer and co-host brings a unique perspective and opinion to the show.

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Latest Episodes

  • Episode 581 - Lauren HartnettEpisode 581 - Lauren Hartnett
    In the interview segments, Lauren Hartnett joins us to talk about what it is like to train others in New York City.  We also discuss…
  • Episode 579 - Rob BeckmanEpisode 579 - Rob Beckman
    Rob Beckman of the Firearms Trainers Podcast joins us to talk about his show and training in the age of COVID,
  • 575 - Brooke Cheney - Suicide Prevention575 - Brooke Cheney - Suicide Prevention
    Brooke Cheney is interviewed about suicide prevention and what is happening in Connecticut politics. 
  • Episode 574 - Theresa InackerEpisode 574 - Theresa Inacker
    Theresa Inacker of CNJFO talks about hope for New Jersey gun owners and gun owners across the nation.
  • Episode 572 - Jim KuzakEpisode 572 - Jim Kuzak
    Jim Kuzak, a former law enforcement officer who was paralyzed in the line of duty shares his story about the incident and his journey to…
  • Episode 571 - Kevin SonaEpisode 571 - Kevin Sona
    Kevin Sona of Florida Carry joins us to talk about the Gun Rights Camping event coming up in March 2021.
  • Episode 570 - Kainoa KakuEpisode 570 - Kainoa Kaku
    On this week's show Kainoa Kaku joins us to talk about the Hawaii Rifle Association and the struggles they are facing right now.
  • Episode 569 - Dean RieckEpisode 569 - Dean Rieck
    In today's episode, Dean Rieck of Buckeye Firearms Association talks about the end (and beginning) of Ohio's legislative season.