The Cast of the Polite Society Podcast

Paul Lathrop is a truck driver who developed a passion for gun rights. This led to forming the Politics and Guns Podcast in February 2012. After bringing on his wife Susan and several co hosts to help, the name of the show changed to the Polite Society Podcast. Besides driving truck and working on the Polite Society Podcast Paul also is one of the leaders who put on the Amm-Con Second Second Amendment Media Conference annually. Susan Lathrop is a long time food service manager who is heavily involved in guns and gun rights. Besides being one of the voices that you hear on the Polite Society Podcast she is responsible for the administration for the show and is the primary force behind the Amm-Con Second Amendment Media Conference.
John Richardson blogs about guns and money at his blog  No Lawyers- Only Guns and Money. He collects classic bolt action rifles. Rob Morse blogs, writes and podcasts about the right of self-defense.  Most of his writings are at SlowFacts.  He is also the host of the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast. He competes in local  IDPA matches and is an NRA pistol instructor.
Rachel Malone lobbies the Texas legislature with Texas Firearms Freedom.  She is also a Texas CHL instructor and combat weapons instructor. Gary Daugherty is an NRA Certified Instructor for pistol, rifle, shotgun, and refuse to be a victim.  He is also a range safety officer.  Gary runs the Firearms Safety Institute where he offers group and private classes to receive a concealed carry license in Illinois.  He takes several classes for continuing education each year.  Gary is also the chairman of the Illinois State Rifle Association’s North West Suburban Town Hall.
Tracy Becker Thronburg is a NRA Instructor in Pistol, Home Firearm Safety, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection In the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, and Texas Department of Public Safety License to Carry a Handgun Instructor. She is an Assistant Instructor at KR Training, a Staff Instructor for the Massad Ayoob Group, and an Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer at Shady Oaks Gun Range in Texas. Belle McCormack is the Student Coordinator and a staff instructor for the Firearms Academy of Seattle. She was the rangemaster at Jefferson County Sportsmans Association from 2014 to 2016. She started training with FAS in 2015 and is certified to teach in the handgun curriculum and their Handgun Retention class. She also holds instructor certification from Tom Givens/Rangemaster. She has also received training from Massad Ayoob, John Farnam, Tom Givens, and Ken Campbell of Gunsite. She is an avid IDPA and USPSA shooter and is presenting at both of the 2018 Rangemaster Tactical Conferences.