The Host of Riding Shotgun with Charlie

Charlie Cook is a lifelong musician and instrumental music teacher for over 20 years. As an avid shooter and teacher, becom-ing a firearms instructor was the next logical step. Charlie is certified by the NRA, MA State Police and the Utah BCI. Combin-ing his love for music with his love for guns lead him to create his popular “Gun Gram” videos series where he plays the trumpet and shoots his gun at the same time and in rhythm to the music.

His newest YouTube channel and podcast is titled “Riding Shot-gun With Charlie” and features him conducting interviews behind the wheel while riding in various locations around the country with his “shotgun riding” guests, which have included Mark Walters, Peter Johnson, Reverend Kenn Blanchard among others. His videos have been featured on the television show “Right This Minute.” Charlie is rapidly becoming a popular guest on local and national radio programs.